The Green Grass Cloggers



If you are interested in seeing the Green Grass Cloggers click their heels, check out our video collection from recent performances.  Click the logo to the left to visit our YouTube Channel.  Be sure to subscribe so you can be notified when new videos are posted.

the green grass cloggers

A collection of archive footage and photos that goes back to the beginnings of the green grass cloggers in 1971 as well as highlights from our 40th anniversary tour.  Produced by Chad Smith. 

highlights from our 2016 45th anniversary and GGC reunion. Includes two-set Indian routine.

Produced by M. Chad Smith

Running Time: 8 minutes


“45th GGC Anniversary”

highlights from our 2011 40th anniversary and GGC reunion. Includes original members and dance performances.

Produced by M. Chad Smith

Running Time: 34 minutes


“40th GGC Anniversary”

Floating Dancer: The Story of Robert Dotson, the Walking Step, and the Green Grass Cloggers acquaints viewers with Robert Dotson and the Walking Step, a percussive dance step the Green Grass Cloggers deciphered from Robert’s flatfooting style of dancing in 1978 and helped spread far beyond Robert’s home community of Sugar Grove, NC, where he lived for the majority of his 91 years (May 13, 1923 - January 13, 2015). Teaching the Walking Step has proved to be an effective way for the NC-based Green Grass Cloggers and other clogging teams to introduce new dancers to flatfooting and clogging at festivals and workshops in several states and countries.

Produced by Leanne E. Smith and M. Chad Smith

Running Time: 22 minutes


“floating dancer”

A short documentary exploring the origins and the beauty of the innovative and historically important Green Grass Cloggers. It won the Best Documentary Short Film at the 2015 Manchester International Film Festival.

Produced by Mark Menish

Running Time: 10 minutes


“dance of the people”

a short documentary on the green grass cloggers that was produced in 1978.

Directed by David Balch and Charles W. Kesler

Running Time: 15 minutes


“the green grass cloggers”

tribute video to long-time GGC, Doug Baker, who passed away in June 2017.

Produced by M. Chad Smith

Running Time: 5 minutes


“Remembering Doug Baker”